Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Work-Work, Not Work-Work, and a Turkey-Spinach Wrap with Cucumber Salad

I have had a busy morning of a little bit of work-work ((meaning my current "real" job)) and a little bit more of my not work-work ((all things foooood.))  Honestly, I hope my not work-work becomes my work-work but not-work real job soon because I am loving every minute of it.  So far today I've made deliveries of the brown butter banana bread brunch cookies from the give-away on Facebook yesterday, planned a menu for an event I'm a part of this Friday evening, and am planning a menu for an event in a couple of weeks.  My name is Jules and I'm obsessed with menu-planning.  It's almost as good as actually cooking and eating.  Almost.


Consequently, lunch had to be fast, but not a diet-killer, because I'm going to a meeting tonight where I know there will be lots of temptations.  I opted for a turkey and spinach wrap with a super-easy cucumber salad.

Healthy, no?
Making this is really simple and takes less time than it does to nuke something that came out of a box in your freezer.  Plus, it tastes a gzillion times better.  Just take one tortilla ((I've been using whole-grain, low-carb lately, but I don't really mean it)) and pile on 2 ounces of shaved turkey breast.  Throw a paper towel over it and microwave it for 30 seconds.  Pile on some fresh spinach, some diced cucumber, a tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette ((I like Paul Newman's lite version when I don't make my own,)) and a few crumbles of fat-free feta.  A crack or two of black pepper couldn't hurt either.  I would have added diced tomato but the 24 that I have are still ripening which means they will all hit at once and I'll be up to my neck in marinara in a few days.

Ratio of green stuff to non-green stuff?  8:1.
For the side cucumber salad, I just sliced up some more of the cukes, added a couple of cracks of sea salt, drizzled it with 1/2 a tablespoon of the dressing, and added a little more feta, just because I can.

Cuke Salad

And just to make you jealous, here is one in the Arizona sun where the projected highs for the rest of the week are in the mid to upper 70's.  

Nutritional Info:  Halo status.  Both combined are a whopping 175 calories and 5 grams of fat.


I'm off to continue my plans of world domination which for today include booking more events ((I've added four more today--)) and finalizing my registration ((not as a sex offender, thanks though)) for the certifications I am pursuing!


One more thing...  If you "like" the page "Cooking Is Alchemy" on FB, I give stuff away occasionally!  Sarah and Colleen each got a dozen cookies and a special surprise for their Fido's today for being my testers.  I suggest joining up.  I don't want to hear any whining if you don't.    

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