Monday, February 20, 2012

Distraction, IGE's Brown Butter Banana Bread Brunch Cookies, and an Update

After waking up at 4 am ((again, uh,)) I took to the internet and started going through various food blogs that I follow.  Iowa Girl Eats had posted a recipe for brown butter banana bread cookies.  They are basically like the old Seinfeld "muffin tops" ala Elaine before "muffin top" took on a new meaning.  So think of the good part of a muffin, not the "you're falling out of those skinny jeans that you shouldn't be wearing anyway" variety.

I whipped up a batch this morning because I needed distraction from the inside of my head and they are so, so good.  Even better once they were drizzled with the brown butter powdered sugar frosting.  Wanna see?  I thought so.

Banana Bread Cookies with Brown Butter

I think the best part though was when I decided to go all "Jackson Pollack" on the frosting and just make a mess with it.  Kitchens are meant to get messed up.  It's part of the fun of it.

((I might have figured out how to post the link to the recipe.  Sorry if this doesn't work, I'm still figuring a few things out...  ))

I then promptly posted on Cooking Is Alchemy's Facebook page that I would give them to whoever replied first in the Valley.  While I love experimenting and trying new things that might be good for future events, I am NOT to be left alone with two dozen cookies.  I frequently make things, have one or two bites, and give them away.  You call it bribing people to be my friend; I call it a perk of putting up with my other nonsense.


In other news, I have spent the morning researching my other new ventures, vacillating between excitement and frustration.  I am *this close* to embarking on another new endeavor.  I'm just waiting on an email back.  What can I say?  When I shake things up, I shake things all the fracking way up.


In other, other, news, my little corner of the web here has over 500 hits in the past two days!  You can follow via Google Reader ((that's what I use...  it feeds new posts from all the sites you follow into one place,)) use Google Friend Connect, or subscribe via email ((there's a link at the top right of this page.))  C'mon over and "like" the new Facebook page by the same name too.  I'm also on Pinterest under "Julia Steele" if you want to hang out there.