Friday, March 28, 2014

Tap, tap, tap... Is this thing on?

Apparently it is, as I have just hit almost 20,000 page hits!  Not bad for a blog that has a layer or twelve of dust and hasn't been updated in 20 months!

Just a quick note to say, yes, I'm alive.  I'm working at The Firm, doing major felony cases, and cooking is back to being an alchemistic hobby, along with writing, gardening ((which I am surprising good at)), and refereeing Betsy The Pit Mix and Kirin The Chow Hound.  Foster Kitty watches from afar...

Okay, so you can't possibly kill a succulent, but still.

I'm sad to report that Astidoodle has joined Doogie on the Rainbow Bridge.  The last real kick we saw of him was when Jeffrey was playing his guitar in my dining room.  He came running, yes, RUNNING, for the first time in over a year to come sit at his feet.

But life goes on here in Scottsdale and it has been a most enjoyable ride.  Here's to another rotation around the sun.  Maybe I'll be back before that much time passes.  One never knows.

 XO, Jules

PS.  Say hi and you might persuade me to come back more often!