Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Keats, Reunions, and Stuff I Can't Talk About

I set the above as my goal for the day and I can safely say all that was accomplished from that list is the fine weather part.  However, it is Arizona in mid-March, so I must say that was much akin to hoping that today would be a day ending in "y."   However, if you count textbooks, Two Buck Chuck, and my neighbors and their mid-80's rock blasting, I may be able to count today as a success, but I'd rather aim higher.  Oh well, something to aspire to.


It has been a very interesting couple of days.  And I mean interesting in the least "oh my God, take cover" kind of way.  Last night I attended a campaign party, and outside of the heavy metal band playing next door and recruiting a kid with a pink mohawk who seemed like a lot of fun to walk my mother and her friend to their car, the ODDEST thing happened.  I was standing outside, keeping the methheads at bay, when this guy walked up.  I did a double and realized it is a friend of mine who is a career/professional bartender who I have not seen in YEARS and didn't have any way of contacting.  I told him about my new ventures, and I can now happily say, I have an official staff bartender!  It had previously been suggested the page needed a mixologist.  I just took that to the next level.  Full service, I tell you.

In other news, I have also booked another cooking gig in a couple of weeks which makes me very, very happy.   I also have put myself into a position to be planning some events in the very near future.  And finally, I chopped quite a bit off my hair.  Hey, I'm a girl.  Stop it.  Hair is important.


I will be back with more good eats tomorrow but until then, I realized I had failed to illustrate just how well some of my lovely friends know me.  Check out a portion of the birthday goods:

That would be one exceedingly large crystal serving platter, a menu planner/idea notebook, and a very, very lovely gift card to Williams Sonoma.  Not pictured, a LOT of wine, a mosquito net for a wine glass, and various other gift cards.  It's like they know me.


I'm off to celebrate what I consider to be exceptionally fracking good news that I can't share quite yet.  All I can say is ....  oh hell.  I can't say that.  Sorry!  Until tomorrow...

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