Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Week in Review

THIS has been a crazy week.  I'm killing a few minutes prior to taking over an obscene amount of meat for grilling at a friend's Boys' Night Shit Show, so let's discuss.

Sunday:  Mothers' Day French Soiree at my house.  The highlights include a massive souffle fail that was totally my fault because I got distracted, using the word "fuckilicious" at dinner and then being told, "I never thought Mothers' Day would be like this."

Sample Batch
How it turned out...
Monday:  Rather uneventful or perhaps I just have memory loss.  Worked in the morning, did some writing in the afternoon.

Tuesday:  Celebrated a friend's election victory in what used to be a super-divey bar.  Introduced some random kid who was born in the 90's and clearly on at least two substances to Deb ((my mother)) as my long-term skateboard park managing boyfriend.  She only bought it for a couple of minutes, but still some funny stuff.  There is a hilarious picture which I am sadly not in possession of where he and I are posing together and his arm is hovering over my shoulder because he was afraid I'd drive a stiletto through his jugular if he touched me.

Wednesday:  Massive blondification.  Like, really, really fothermucking blonde.  Followed that up by decorating the campaign winner's yard and learning the true value of silly string.  Lesson of the day:  If you drop the roll of crepe paper behind a rose bush, don't climb in there to get it.  Especially not in a skirt.  Ow.  I would post a picture but his name is all over it and I'm POSITIVE the last thing he wants is Google leading anyone to this nonsense.

Thursday:  Made dinner and accidentally overserved Joy.  Discovered that even if you drop something on the bottom of the oven, it is totally within the rules to scape it back into the dish and eat it.  That evening, learned I had gotten a steady writing job!  Poured Joy more wine to celebrate.  ((It's a freelance gig where they are asking people to produce several articles a day...  I won't be paying cash for a Rolex any time soon because of it, but...  It. Is. Awesome.))

Friday:  Had a FANTASTIC day getting Partner in Crime tattoos.  Also, had the pleasure of eight people walking into the tattoo shop while your friend here was in quite the state of undress.  Those pictures are probably on the Internet elsewhere.  Later, hung out with a bunch of girlfriends where we stayed up late and told each other lies.  FUN.

Saturday:  Got ready for the Boys' Night party by seasoning up an unreasonable amount of meat products.  Learned that the organic dog treats and Slobberloaf are going to become fixtures in a retail store downtown.  Did more happy dances.

And there you have it.  Oh right.  I'm supposed to be writing recipes.  Here's what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow...

Unnamed Deliciousness:
1 cup Greek yogurt ((with whey restirred in))
4 tablespoons of honey
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 avocado, mashed

What you do:  Mix all of the above together.  Apply to hair, coating from root to tip.  Wrap in a damp towel that you have microwaved for 60 seconds.  Sit in the sun for 30 minutes while wearing SPF a million.  Rinse thoroughly.  

See?  Recipes and hair tips.  I really am full-service.  Gotta run...

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  1. Updated to add: I did this to my hair this morning. It is messy... So do it over the sink with a towel wrapped around your shoulders. However, my hair (which was pretty dry from the AZ climate and the massive bleaching) feels AWESOME. It was so cheap too... Probably less than 5 dollars compared to the 40 dollar treatments I've done at a salon. I left it on for almost an hour. You may want to reduce the amounts... My hair is mid-back length and really thick.