Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seven Layer Dip Roll-Ups, Free Stuff, and Baby Tigers

It has been a super busy weekend in JuliaWorld as you may have guessed.  The highlights include cooking for a 40th birthday party for about 30 Friday evening, being a massive failure on the 3d Annual Food Bloggers Bake Sale ((gah)), a free 90-minute massage, and an evening on the patio with a couple of bottles of wine and better company.

The menu for the birthday party was basically whatever the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets.  I ended up with quite an unusual assortment which actually turned out well because that way there was something for everyone.  One of the items was tortilla roll-ups.  I remember my mother making these and so I had emailed her for the recipe a while back.  Her reply was something to the effect of "I thought they sucked so I threw it out."   Luckily we have Pinterest to the rescue for the basic proportions.

Some rolls are more triangular, some are more rectangular...

What you need:
16 ounces of sour cream ((I used low fat))
8 ounces of cream cheese, softened ((again, I used low fat))
16 flour tortillas ((I used high-fat...  meaning the most authentic ones I could find))
1 bunch of green onions
1 small can of diced black olives
1 cup of shredded Mexican cheese
1 packet of taco seasoning

What to do:

Start by mixing together the sour cream and the cream cheese.  If you are a moron like I am, you will realize you don't have time to soften the cream cheese and will instead resort to using your immersion blender to finish mixing it after saying, "goddammit you fothermucker, stir!"

Add in the taco seasoning and then the green onions, olives, and cheese.  Give it all a healthy stir until it is well combined.

Lay out your tortilla on a piece of waxed paper.  Spread the mixture across it evenly, avoiding the edges on 2 sides.

Picture by Blooming on Bainbridge
She didn't avoid the edges...
Roll it as tightly as you can and then wrap the entire "tube" in waxed paper.  Place into a large tupperware container with the seam side down.

Again from Blooming on Bainbridge
Refrigerate for at least a couple of hours if not overnight.  Just prior to serving, slice them into pieces.  At this point, you will understand why I said to avoid the edges...  Because of the round shape of the tortillas, the edges do not have as many layers and so the filling just falls right out.  I just cut these off first and then usually snack on them while I'm putting the rest of them together.

((If you have leftover filling, it is really good on chips too.))

Nutritional Info:  For about 4 slices, we can call it about 150 calories.  Anyone who actually manages to only eat four slices though is suspect in my book.


Here is a glimpse into how odd things are around here...  This is what came in yesterday's mail.

That would be a FREE ((my favorite word)) 12-inch pan and a picture of a baby tiger being bottle fed.  I swear, there is never a dull moment.  But if you want to help me get more FREE stuff and make me eternally grateful, you can do so by placing an order here.  However, it will not come with pictures of baby tigers.  Well, I highly doubt it.  If that is really helpful in my quest for more free stuff, I'll send you all pictures of baby tigers.

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