Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shrimp Avocado Summer Tacos, Movus Interruptus, and Stages

Holy hell, what a weekend.  I am in need of a Stage 4 nap.  I don't exactly know what the stages of napping are, but I want the best one.

The moving project was a huge case of hurry up and wait.  When I arrived, I told Deb we were busting ass for one hour and that if either of us were not in motion, there was going to be a penalty.  We FLEW through packing up basically everything that was left in record time when ((ominous sound of doom here)) the movers announced they had been called to assist with a broken-down truck.  It was rescheduled for Saturday and because of their late arrival, continues on today with unloading.

Saturday was then spent cooking for two different parties...  Both went really well and there may or may not still be dishes in the car.  I should really do something about that.  So far today I have spent three hours in what I can only presume is a reinvention of the wheel ((oh well)), planning the menu for the event I'm cooking for on Thursday, and shattering the toenail on my big toe and being about .287 seconds from passing out as a result.  Ow.

Since I'm limping around feeling sorry for my toe, I just wanted to throw something together for lunch that was super easy.  I ended up with Shrimp Avocado Summer Tacos.

I just added the word "Summer" to the title for no apparent reason.

What you need for two servings:

2 multi-grain tortillas ((I'm back on the Carb Balance ones by Mission))
Handful of small-medium *cooked* shrimp  ((I used them cold))
Romaine, about a cup or so
Shredded jack cheese, maybe 4 tablespoons
One avocado
Salsa, maybe a tablespoon or two
Cilantro ((I was out.  Sad.))
Lime to squeeze on top

This really doesn't need instructions, does it?  I didn't think so.

The only tip I have to offer is in regard to avocados...  Once you slice it in half around the core/seed/what the hell do you call that?! PIT, God, then you can pull it apart.  At that point draw a tic-tac-toe board in it with your knife, being careful not to pierce the flesh.  You can then invert it ((flip it inside out)) and scrape out the avocado in cute little squares.

To keep the avocado so it won't go brown, squeeze lime juice over it and seal it in a bag with as close to zero air in it as possible.  Leaving the pit in it will help as well, because that reduces the surface area exposed to oxygen.

I had this with a side of canary melon.  Take that, clean living!

Nutritional Info:  SAINT.  Approximately 220 calories and 3 grams of fat per taco if you are being responsible and go super easy on the cheese.   Avocado actually is pretty high in calories but it is high in healthy fats so we call that a wash.

I'm off to determine what stage of napping can be accomplished with a throbbing toe...

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