Friday, June 8, 2012


Yes, I know I've been a bad recipe poster this week...  I've been exceptionally busy with other things ((some of which have been damn entertaining such as collecting horror stories from my friends about their online dating experiences for an upcoming article.  Let's just say if the girl has NO HANDS that's fine, but I think that might come up prior to meeting.))  Anyway, I am finding myself falling into that scene where I end up having Cheerios for dinner.  I will spare you the recipe for Cheerios straight from the box. I'm thinking you have got that one down.

Let's see... what else? I was recently inducted into the FitBlogging community which is for people who write about nutrition and fitness.  Yes, it is kind of ironic given that I have had to break up with CrossFit since the injury.  Speaking of, I'm 90% sure I have anterior compartment syndrome again.  ((ACS is a chronic condition where the sheathes which line the muscular structure itself become inflamed and won't yield to the changes in muscle size/shape.  It's marked by extreme pain, fatigue, and inability to tolerate standing for even short periods.))  Last time I had this it was due to multiple stress fractures... Now I'm wondering if that's what happened again and I didn't notice the fracture.  The good and the bad news is there is no treatment for it but time basically-- That's good because I have a humongous deductible and the testing alone would be a few grand, so screw it.

Headed out of the heat for the weekend...  We are staying in an old mining town that has turned into an artists' enclave.  It's haunted.  I find that awesome.  I shall report back.

Happy weekend!    

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